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Link here to our demo video for gas grill plate
  • Bake Outdoors on your BBQ
  • Saves money! Saves electricity! Because you are doing the baking outside on the BBQ grill, the heat from your indoor oven in your kitchen does not conflict with your air conditioner!
  • You can use the Grill Plate with Propane or Gas grills. It turns your conventional oven into a convection oven.
  • Made of All Aluminum - the Grill plate will last for years!
  • Lightweight, one inch thin and easy to store. You can keep it right on the grill or store it in your cupboard.
  • No more Indoor / Outdoor cooking! You can cook everything outside where the party is!
  • So Simple to use! Prepare foods to be baked as normal, heat your propane or gas grill to the appropriate temperature same as you would on the conventional oven, once the correct temperature is reached, place the Grill Plate directly on the grill and place the baking dish on top of the Grill Plate and bake!
  • Great Gift Idea for the Backyard BBQ Enthusiast or Outdoor Chef who has everything!
    NOTE: The Grill Plate is not compatible with infrared grills!

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