Ed Hamlin

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Longwood, Florida 32750

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My name is Ed Hamlin and I am the president of Grill Innovations. By trade, I am in the auto and boat repair business. I have a love for cooking and eating good food. To give you a little background as to how this product came about, I grill lunch for my employees every Friday. I grilled the usual, steaks, chicken, burgers, etc. At this point I started looking for different things to cook. I decided to try a meatloaf on the grill. My grill has adjustable burners, so it should have baked without any problems. The meatloaf turned into charcoal. This is how the design of the "grill plate" came about. During the design of the grill plate, several people stated that I probably could bake lasagna and casserole type dishes on the grill, but cakes and cookies would have a grill taste. I responded to them that if you bake a turkey in your oven and bake a pie afterward, the pie doesn't taste like turkey, so it should work the same way on a grill. The bet was on. After multiple tests of the grill plate and handing out samples, not one person could believe that any of the food was baked on a grill.